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Review the purpose of using ICPOs rather than Stock Transfers and learn how to create new ICPOs.

Step by Step:

Step 1: Requesting stock site creates the ICPO

 - When creating the ICPO, the requesting stock site selects which stock site will supply the items. 

 - The requesting stock site can also select an employee at the supplying stock site that will get an action item notification when the ICPO is created. 

 - The ICPO is sent to the supplying stock site once it is created.

Step 2: Supplying stock site pulls items

 - The employee receiving the action item opens the ICPO, pulls the items from inventory and marks the ICPO as filled. Another scenario for warehouse personnel would be for the office to open the ICPO and create a task for the warehouse person to pull the items. This task would print out on their daily work sheet.

Step 3: Items are transported and received at requesting stock site

 - Items that are in a filled status are removed from the supplying stock site and are set to an "In Transit" status. You can see these items on the Inventory Tab [In Transit] button. If you are doing a physical inventory count you must account for these In Transit Items. The items on the ICPO are marked as received and the process is complete.