Create an ICPO

Review the purpose of using ICPOs rather than Stock Transfers and learn how to create new ICPOs.

  • Step 1: Requesting stock site creates the ICPO - When creating the ICPO, the requesting stock site selects which stock site will supply the items. The requesting stock site can also select an employee at the supplying stock site that will get an action item notification when the ICPO is created. The ICPO is sent to the supplying stock site once it is created.
  • Step 2: Supplying stock site pulls items - The employee receiving the action item opens the ICPO, pulls the items from inventory and marks the ICPO as filled. Another scenario for warehouse personnel would be for the office to open the ICPO and create a task for the warehouse person to pull the items. This task would print out on their daily work sheet.
  • Step 3: Items are transported and received at requesting stock site - Items that are in a filled status are removed from the supplying stock site and are set to an "In Transit" status. You can see these items on the Inventory Tab [In Transit] button. If you are doing a physical inventory count you must account for these In Transit Items. The items on the ICPO are marked as received and the process is complete.

ICPO Filling and Receiving

Learn how supplying Stock Sites fill ICPO requests and how requesting Stock Sites mark the requests as received. This session will also review how to identify discrepancies in your ICPO process.


Create inter-company PO types

Use the Inter-Company PO Types to create and maintain ICPO purchase order types - for example, Replenishment or Special Order. You assign a PO type when creating a new ICPO. The YPO types to classify and filter ICPOs.

  1. Open the Inter-Company PO Types screen (Administration > Inventory > General Setup > Inter-Company Purchase Order Types.).
  2. Click Add. The Add - Inter-Company PO Types screen appears.
  3. Description - Enter the name of the PO type. This is how users will select the PO Type. For example, enter Replenishment or Special Order.
  4. Is Default - Check this box if this by default this is the PO type that should be used.
  5. Click OK to save.
    • Save and Add - Check this box if you are creating several PO types. This saves the current PO type and leaves the Add- Inter-Company PO Types screen open so you can create another one.

Create a new ICPO

Step 1: Enter the ICPO basic information

  1. Open the Inter-Company PO screen. There are two ways to open this screen.
    • Go to Administration > Inventory > Inter-Company Purchase Orders > Add Inter-Company Purchase Order.
    • Go to Administration > Inventory > Inter-Company Purchase Orders > Search Inter-Company Purchase Orders > Click Add New.
  2. Requesting Stock Site - Select the stock site requesting the items.
  3. Supplying Stock Site - Select the stock site supplying the items.
  4. PO Type
    • PO types are created and maintained using the Search - Inter-Company PO Types screen.
  5. Priority - Enter the due date and priority.
  6. Select the employees that are notified as the ICPO is processed.
    • When PO is Sent - An action item notification is created for this employee when the PO is sent. This is usually an employee at the supplying stock site.
    • When PO is Filled - An action item notification is created for this employee when the PO is pulled from the supplying stock site. This is usually the employee that is requesting the transfer.
    • When PO is Received - An action item notification is created for this employee when the PO items are received at the requesting stock site. This normally is the person that pulled the inventory from the supplying stock site or the office employee assigning the task to warehouse personnel.
    • Select No Employee in any of these fields if an action item is not necessary.
  7. Requester Follow Up - Create a follow-up action item as a reminder that the ICPO has been initiated.
    • Select No Employee if an action item is not necessary.
  8. Click Next.

Step 2: Add inventory items to the ICPO

  1. Item or UPC Code - Enter the item code or click  to select an item from a list.
    • You can also click  to view the on-hand quantity at each stock site.
  2. Quantity - Enter the quantity based on the selling unit of measure.
  3. Click Add. The selected item appears in the lower portion of the screen.
    • Verify the quantity is correct for the unit of measure. Click Update Quantity to change the quantity.
  4. Add additional items if necessary.
  5. Click Next when complete.

Step 3: (optional) Enter any special instructions

Type in any special instructions for the supplying stock site. This will print out on the ICPO.

Click Next.

Step 4: (optional) Schedule service or delivery tasks

Add a Service Task if necessary.  The Service Task can be used to schedule warehouse personnel to the fulfillment of the order.  The task will appear on the service schedule and will print on the employee's daily work schedule.

  1. Click Add New Task to schedule the task for the employee. The Schedule screen appears.
  2. Create the new task. 
  3. Click OK when complete to save ICPO.
  4. Click Yes to set the ICPO to Sent Status. This will process the first sent action item. You can also click [No] and the ICPO will be saved in an Open-New Status for you to send at a later date.

Create ICPOs using the Stock Site Replenishment Wizard

The Stock Site Replenishment Wizard allows you to create several ICPOs at once for several stock sites based on reorder alerts and insufficient inventory levels.

  1. Go to Administration > Inventory > Inter-Company Purchase Order (ICPO) > Stock Site Replenishment Wizard.
  2. Check off the Stock Sites you wish to replenish.  You may select as many as you like; however, you cannot select the supplying stock site.
  3. Click [Next].
  4. Select the Supplying Stock Site from the pull down menu.
  5. Click [Next].
  6. Select a specific vendor if necessary.  (Optional)
  7. Select to find items where the selected Vendor is Primary or Secondary. (Optional)
  8. Check the box for Reorder Alerts if you want Evosus to find inventory to replenish based on pre-set reorder alerts at the requesting stock site(s).
  9. Check the Insufficient Inventory box if you want Evosus to check for inventory reserved on orders where there is not enough quantity on hand to cover the order. You may check one or both of these options.
  10. Check the "Only Request Items in Stock at Supplier" if you want Evosus to ignore items where the supplying stock site does not have enough on hand to cover the need at the requesting stock sites.
  11. Click [Next].
  12. Check off the Product Lines you're interested in. Evosus will only search items in the selected Product Lines.
  13. Click [Next].
  14. Select the PO Type from the pull down menu.
  15. Check the "Print Fill Slips when Complete" box if you want Evosus to automatically print Fill Slips for all ICPOs that were created.
  16. Click [Create].

ICPOs created through the wizard will automatically be changed to "Sent" status.  Go to Administration>Inventory>Purchase Orders>Inter-Company Purchase Orders>Search Inter-Company Purchase Orders to edit the ICPOs.