Receipt Printing in Terminal Server session freezes or receipt takes several minutes to print out.


Printing from inside a Microsoft Terminal Services Session has been a challenge ever since Microsoft started doing it - From ANY application.

There are known networking issues that can cause printing problems and there are issues specific to Evosus that can cause issues.

To combat this, we have a set of printers that we know will work with the Evosus software and a network design that works 100% of the time with over a thousand client printers.

Known ways to make Terminal Server Printing more reliable

  • All TS users connecting over a hardware-to-hardware VPN
  • 100% of the organizations printers connected via print server to a network port & installed by IP address on the Terminal Server.
  • No Redirected printers - turn off Local Printer Redirection on the Terminal Server
  • POS Users should have their Star receipt printer set as their default Windows printer \ Don't print Quotes\Invoices\Barcodes
  • Back Office users should have a standard network laser printers (non-multi-function) set as their default printer
  • Barcode printers are finicky and have a long list of Do's & Don'ts - Contact for help with Barcode printer setup.


If your tech company wants to explore network or hardware options other than our recommendations, we will be unable to assist in troubleshooting.