I am locked out of an order that said its locked by me. I am unable to find a way to unlock it. The system froze while in a service order about 15 minutes ago. I closed out of Evosus and tried re-entering the service order but received the same message.  I tried restarting my computer as well but I am still unable to access the order.


As of v6.3, Sales Orders, now lock when multiple users attempt to access the same transaction. Once a user has opened a Sales Order,no other user can access the same order until it has been closed by the first user. A message will display noting employee and time they opened the order. Locks will be dropped after 20 minutes. This will prevent one user from overwriting the work of another user.

If Evosus freezes while the order is open, the lock is not dropped. However, after 20 minutes you should be able to re-open this order.

If you cannot wait, a workaround is to clear the license.  To clear the license, Login as the ADMIN user > Help > Company Licenses > Support Tab > Fetch Licenses > Refresh.  This will re-import the license and allow you to regain access to Evosus and/or the order as well as clear the cached user logins for all other Evosus users that may have been stuck as your user login showed.