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We have partnered with several manufacturers and distributors to provide a seamless flow of information between vendors and Evosus Enterprise. 

Inventory & Pricing Integrations

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and countless hours of data entry!  Our inventory and pricing integration features help you streamline operations and gain a competitive advantage through real-time access to key pricing and purchase information. 

 - Import New Inventory Items

 - Update Cost on Existing Inventory Items & Identify Discontinued Items

 - Submit Purchase Orders & Identify Backordered Items

 - Download AP Invoices & Reconcile Line Items to Invoices

 - Search Real-Time Item Availability at the Vendor

Water Testing Integrations

It is time consuming to manage two customer databases - one in your water testing software and then in Evosus. Our water testing integrations enter customer information into in both systems automatically, and most import water tests into Evosus, have water test sales conversion reporting, place recent water testing customers in a POS queue for you and more.

Step by Step: 

Set up a new integration

Step 1: Set up and test the connection

Integrations are set up in Industry Integrations > General Setup, Just open the integration that you want to set up, complete the fields on the set up screen, and then test the connection.

Each integration is slightly different.

 - Cinderella Inc

 - PoolCorp

 - Watkins Manufacturing

Step 2: Set up security permissions

You can use security permissions to limit which industry integrations can be accessed. 

Step 3: Use the integration to import new inventory items, submit POs, etc.

Once the integration set up is complete, you are ready to use it. Depending on the integration, you might not be able to perform all of the following actions. Refer to the integration set up screen for information on which actions you can perform. For example, use the PoolCorp option in the General Setup folder (Administration > Industry Integrations > General Setup) to see which actions you can perform with the PoolCorp integration.

 - Import New Inventory Items

 - Mass update costs on existing inventory items

 - Electronically submit purchase orders

 - Electronically review purchase order line items for back orders

 - Electronically receive AP invoices

 - Electronically review AP line item receipts