You have a terminal server and would like to log a user out of Evosus manually and/or log them off of the terminal server.


 The person performing this procedure must be authorized to have the Administrator password

Step 1: Log into the server that is hosting Terminal Services with the Administrator username and password. 

 - Typically, for stores with multiple locations it will be xxTS01 server and for single location stores it will be the xxMP01

Step 2: Open the Terminal Services Manager. 

 - Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools > Remote Desktop Services > Terminal Services Manager (Windows Server 2008)
- Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools > Terminal Services Manager (Windows Server 2003)

Step 3: Right-click on the user and choose "Log Off"

Step 4: Close the Terminal Services Manager

Step 5: Lock Workstation

Step 6: Have the user restart the computer and login