User cannot login to Evosus due to multiple unsuccessful login attempts.  User receives the message "Too many failed login attempts. User is reset to Employee Level not original employee type."


When a user attempts to login unsuccessfully more than 6 times in a row, Evosus will disable the user's account and the user will not be able to login.  

An administrator will need to go to the Security tab of the Employee's profile and check the "Employee can login to Evosus?" check box and will need to reset the employee type as needed since the disable employee routine will put the employee in question back to "employee" type level.  If necessary, the password can be reset if the employee cannot remember it.

  1. Admin Tab/System/Employee/Employees
  2. Choose locked out Employee
  3. Choose Security Tab
  4. Check the box for "Employee can log into Evosus".
  5. Choose which stores the employee can log into.
  6. Choose a new password (check the force password change on next login - If desired)
  7. Verify Employee Type is accurate
  8. Click okay to save

"Lock out" means the following occurs

  • Evosus disables their account by un-checking the box in their employee security screen called “Employee Can Log In to Evosus”
  • Evosus resets the employee type from "Manager" or "Supervisor" to just "Employee".

Use the Master Audit Log Search

There is a log that captures the login attempts. The audit log report is located under the System>Security folder on the Administration tab.   To find it go to Administration>System>Security>Master Audit Log Search.  

You can then filter this search screen by employee, month and entity.  Run this report for the employee in question and you will see the unsuccessful log in issue, the employee in question will show that they tried to log in more than 6 times in a row, which you would filter by employee.