You received an SOI from a Vendor, but it was the incorrect part and now you need to send it back to the Vendor. However, you are getting a message stating that you am unable to Add SOI's for Warranty/RGA. How can you create an RGA for this product?


We recommend the following to properly create an RGA for SOIs:

  • Receive your SOI(s) on your Purchase Order (if not done already)
  • Remove the SOI(s) from the Sales/Service Order. This will convert the SOI(s) to the Non-Stock Item Type. 
  • You can find the Non-Stock Item Code from Searching the Inventory Tree where the SOI Product Line resides OR by going to the Purchase Order > Item Receipts > Use this Item Code. 
  • Using the Non-Stock Item Code you can then create an RGA to send to the Vendor.

What if you already delivered the SOI on the order?

If you have already delivered the SOI's on the order then you can create a return order linking the SOI's which will then convert the SOI's into Non-Stock Items in the Pending Returns Queue where you can then Click Send to Vendor/RGA.