You received an SOI from a Vendor, but it was the incorrect part and now you need to send it back to the Vendor. However, you are getting a message stating that you are unable to Add SOI's for Warranty/RGA. How can you create an RGA for this product?


We recommend the following to properly create an RGA for SOIs:

Step 1: Receive your SOI(s) on your Purchase Order (if not done already)

Step 2: Remove the SOI(s) from the Sales/Service Order. This will convert the SOI(s) to the Non-Stock Item Type. 

Step 3: You can find the Non-Stock Item Code from Searching the Inventory Tree where the SOI Product Line resides OR by going to the Purchase Order > Item Receipts > Use this Item Code. 

Step 4: Using the Non-Stock Item Code you can then create an RGA to send to the Vendor.

What if you already delivered the SOI on the order?

 - If you have already delivered the SOI's on the order then you can create a return order linking the SOI's which will then convert the SOI's into Non-Stock Items in the Pending Returns Queue where you can then Click Send to Vendor/RGA.