The Inventory Needed Report displays a company wide total of on hand, available and reserved items along with a listing of quantities per stock site (Administration>Reports>Inventory>Items>Inventory Needed Report). This report can be used to determine how much inventory is needed to cover current demands such as reorder levels and customer orders. Using the stock site information in conjunction with the company wide totals you can determine which inventory is available to be transferred and how much should be ordered from the vendor.


  • Product Line: Product lines group your inventory items into high level categories, e.g. Accessories, BBQs & Grills, Chemicals, or Covers.
  • Item Class: Item classes are a calculated value that display the popularity of an item using a letter grade (A-F).
  • Stock site: A stock site is any location that carries inventory, e.g. retail stores, warehouses, and service vehicles.

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