Create a warehouse order if a customer is purchasing an item from a retail location, but needs to pick up the product from the warehouse.

A warehouse order is similar to using the Convert to Sales Order button since it creates an open order on the customer's account, but you can designate a distribution method, stock site and special instructions when creating a warehouse order.

You can set up Order Queues to accept all new Warehouse Orders, and the Warehouse manager could monitor this queue and fill orders as they are created.

Create a warehouse order

Follow the steps below to create a warehouse order. 

Step 1: Select the customer and items

  1. Login to POS.
  2. Click Sale.
  3. Select a customer.
    • You must assign a customer to a warehouse order.
  4. Add items to the order using the Sell Items screen.
  5. Click Payment. The Payment screen appears.

Step 2: Select the distribution method and warehouse

  1. Check the Warehouse Order box.
  2. Click Choose Warehouse. The Warehouse Order screen appears.
  3. Distribution Method - Select a distribution method from the list.
  4. Stock Site - Once items are marked as delivered, they will be removed from the selected stock site.
  5. Special Instructions - Add any necessary special instructions - for example, directions to the warehouse for the customer, or when the customer will arrive for the warehouse.
  6. Click Next. This returns you to the Payment screen.

Step 3: Enter the payment and complete the transaction

  1. If the customer is making a payment, enter the payment now.  Type the amount into the field matching the appropriate payment type or hit the F key associated with the appropriate payment type.
    • The payment will be recorded as a deposit since the order has not been invoiced.
  2. Click Verify Address. The Point Of Sale Bill To screen appears.
  3. Verify the customer's information is correct, or check the A Different Customer box and select a different customer.
  4. Click Complete Transaction.
  5. The Sales Order appears on the screen so you can print it out. The customer can take this to the warehouse for proof of purchase.
  6. If a Warehouse Order queue is setup, the order will automatically be displayed in that queue.

Step 4: Customer picks up the items at the warehouse

The customer picks up the items at the warehouse.

Security Permissions Required

Point of Sale
Can Access
Can Create Warehouse Order

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  • Open Order Report (Administration>Reports>Sales>Orders and Invoices>Open Order Report) - List of all Orders (Sales and Service) that are in an Open status.  There may or may not be a balance due.