Converting a Sales Transaction to an Open  Order (Sales or Service) allows you to leave the order open so that changes or updates can be made.  This is especially useful if the customer would like to purchase an item you do not have in stock or an item you need to special order.  Normally, you would have to finish selling the original items in POS and then create a second order for the special order items by leaving POS Mode and creating a new Order.  Using the Convert to Order button in POS combines the two orders so you can deliver the necessary items while still leaving the other items undelivered so they can be ordered from the vendor or mfg.

Convert to Order

  1. Log into POS.
  2. Select SALE.
  3. Select a customer.  Convert to Order is not available for the default customer.
  4. Add items to the order.  NOTE:  Specific discounts applied or tax code changes will NOT follow through to the Order.  Any necessary changes should be made to the new Order rather than the POS Sales     Transaction.
  5. Click Convert to Order.
  6. Select Sales or Service.
  7. Click Yes to leave POS and go to the new sales or service order in the main menu of Evosus.  You can now add additional items, deliver items, apply discounts, make changes to tax codes and take required payments.

Security Permissions Required

Point of Sale
Can Access
Can Convert to Sales Order

Related Reports

  • Open Order Report (Administration>Reports>Sales>Orders and Invoices>Open Order Report) - List of all Orders (Sales and Service) that are in an Open status.  There may or may not be a balance due.