Point of Sale transactions can only be canceled on the same day the transaction was created.  For POS transactions created in the past, you must create a Return.  All canceled POS transactions can be reviewed via the POS Cancelled Transactions report located in Administration > Reports > Sales > Orders and Invoices.

The most common way to cancel a POS transaction is the Cancel/Hold button within the transaction.  This button is used to cancel the transaction before it is saved to the database.

If the transaction needs to be canceled after it is saved to the database, you may go to My Transactions Today, highlight the desired transaction and click Cancel Transaction.  The My Transactions Today screen defaults to the logged in employee's transactions, but you can select All Employees from the Search By drop down at the top of the screen. Click Done to exit the screen.

You cannot cancel a POS transaction if any of the following is true

  • Transaction was processed through Evosus Card Services using PIN Debit.
  • Transaction was processed through Evosus Card Services and the associated card transaction is settled.
  • Transaction was for a prior date.
  • Employee does not have permissions to cancel POS transactions.
  • Employee does not have permissions to view other employee's POS transactions.

Security Permissions Required

Point of Sale
Can Access
Can Cancel Completed (Invoiced) POS Transaction
Can See other Employee's Transactions in same Store

Related Reports

  • POS Cancelled Transactions (Administration > Reports > Sales > Orders and Invoices > POS Cancelled Transactions) - View all POS transactions canceled before being saved to the database or after being saved to the database.
  • Cash Drawer Activity (Administration > Reports > Accounting > Banking > Cash Drawer Activity Report) - Detailed view of customer payments made for a specific date range.