Use the Schedule Blackout screen to create and maintain blackout dates and blackout times on the service schedule (Administration > Service And Delivery > Add Blackout). A blackout period is a time where service calls will not be performed - for example, Christmas Day.

You can also create blackout dates using the Blackout Date button on the Search Schedule screen (Administration > Service and Delivery > Search Schedule - Day, Week, Month).

If you use Evosus Mobile Services...

Select Yes in the 'Include Blackout Dates on Schedule' system parameters if blackout dates should be included on the service schedule that appears in Evosus Mobile. This parameter is set using the Mobile tab of the System Parameters screen (Administration > System > Evosus Defaults > System Defaults).

Step by Step:

Create a new blackout date

Step 1: Open the Schedule Blackout screen (Administration > Service and Delivery > Add Blackout).

Step 2: Blackout Reason - For example, enter Christmas Day.

Step 3: When,Thru - Enter the blackout period.

Step 4: Techs - Select the techs that should be included in the blackout.

 - Techs are created and maintained using the Techs tab of the Administration screen (Administration > Service and Delivery > General Setup > Techs).

Step 5: Click OK when complete.