Click Open Invoices on the Employee tab of the main menu to view a filtered list of invoices

Open the Sales Manager - Search Invoices screen

You can open this screen in several ways:

  • Employee tab - Click Open Invoices button on the Employees tab.
  • Administration tab - Go to Administration > Accounting > Accounts Receivable > Search Customer Open Invoices.

Use the right click menu to quickly perform a task

Right click on an invoice to quickly perform a task - for example, open or print the invoice, void the invoice, or receive payment.

Security Permissions Required

Orders and Invoices
Can View Open Order and Invoice Queue

Related Reports

  • Open Order Report (Administration>Reports>Sales>Orders and Invoices>Open Order Report) - List of all Orders/Invoices (Sales and Service) that are in an Open status. ┬áThere may or may not be a balance due.