The Check Inventory Levels screen ( Administration > Inventory > Check Inventory Levels ) allows you to browse inventory that needs to be ordered for specific stock sites.  This screen is purely for informational purposes. You may choose to view reorder alerts for items that are running low and/or reorder alerts for items on order with a customer.

Check Inventory Levels

  1. Go to Administration > Inventory > Check Inventory Levels.
  2. Select a stock site from the pull down menu to view inventory levels for.
  3. Check off "Check Alerts for reordering low quantity items" if desired.
  4. Check off "Check Sales and Service Orders for items that are waiting delivery.
  5. Select All Product Lines, Specific Product Line, or a Specific Product Line Department.
  6. Select All Vendors or a Specific Vendor.
  7. Click [Search].

This list is MS Excel enabled and can be sorted by column headers by clicking once for ascending and again for descending order.

Security Permissions Required

Administration – Inventory
*Can Access Inventory Tree Branch