Version 3.1.32

When holding an Android device in the vertical position, not all of the quick texts set up in Evosus Business Management Software were displaying in the list.

Version 3.1.31

The barcode scanner feature was not working on devices using Android 6+ after upgrading to version 3.1.27 due to a camera permissions issue.

Version 3.1.27

The mapping feature was corrected in this release.

Version 3.1.26

Service schedule sorting incorrectlyCorrected an issue where the order of the service calls on the service schedule did not match the order of the service calls set up in Evosus Business Management Software.
There is not enough space on the diskIf you upload a picture and then click Depart, a "There is not enough space on this disk" error would appear. This issue has been corrected in this release.
Per visit attributes not displaying in the correct orderCorrected an issue where the per visit site attributes set up on the site profile in Evosus Business Management Software were not displaying in the correct order on Evosus Mobile. Per visit attributes are added to a site profile in Evosus Business Management Software using the Per Visit Attributes tab on the Site Profile screen (Administration > Service and Delivery > General Setup > Site Profile Setup > Open a site profile > Open the Per Visit Attributes tab > Right click on the gird and select Add from the menu that appears).
Uncompleted tasks showing as completed after syncThis issue was fixed in the Evosus Business Management Software version 6.4.58.
Blackout datesA system parameter titled "Include Blackout dates on Modile schdule" is being added to version 6.6 of Evosus Business Management Software. If this parameter is set to Yes, the blackout dates will appear on the schedule in Evosus Mobile.
Online HelpOnline help was added to Evosus Mobile.

Version 3.1.21

Fixed error preventing Photo Upload from Android Picture Gallery.

Version 3.1.20

Minor fixes of customer action buttons

Version 3.1.17

All Fields on the Mobile Set up screen are now blank upon initial installation
Service Prompt Profiles no longer extend off the screen
Fixed Error occurring when syncing a mobile device without active Site Profile Prompts or Mobile Service/Delivery Prompts in Evosus BMS
Removed all calls to User and Push APIs
Fixed slow/no picture uploading from iOS devices; occurred when user attempted to upload large picture files
Fixed issue with Android devices when user attempted to back out of the set-up screen without saving information

Version 3.1.12

Corrected Keyboard that appears for Serial Number & Pin Pad fields in Set up Screen, Hyphen is now accessible
Made Changes for Syncing out of Wifi service more successful

Version 3.1.10

Standardize Backoffice Response Format

Version 3.1.6

Adjusted download to allow for 64-bit Android Devices to properly run Evosus Mobile Service (New)

Version 3.1.5

Fixed issue Customer ID was not sent during picture upload
Fixed issue with picture upload occurring when WiFi was unavailable
Queued Files waiting for WiFi will now automatically upload once WiFi Connection is established• Fixed issue with Site Profile & Service Repair Prompts having issues with Increments loading in app,causing Evosus Mobile Service to shut down unexpectedly

Version 3.1

User Interface
The redesigned app is simpler and easier to use with an intuitive new use rinterface.
iOS Compatibility
Evosus Mobile Service is now available on the Apple AppStore for iOS devices, such as the iPhone and iPad.
Evosus Timecards
Technicians set up as Timekeepers within Evosus can now punch in/punch out from their mobile device.
Upload Photos
Technicians can now capture and upload pictures into Job & Customer profiles.
Customer Communication
Technicians can now easily contact customers via email, text or phone call from their mobile device with proper permission.
Office Followup Notes
Technicians can now send follow-up notifications to office staff. These notifications do not display for the customer and may include items to order at the next service call, reminders to schedule another service call or general information about the customer. These notes are saved on the Internal Notes tab of the Order and an Auto-Capture rule exists in Order Queues to collect all Mobile Service orders that contain Office Follow-up Notes.
Auto-Deliver Items
Items added in the field can now be marked as delivered when completing the Scheduled Task. This is controlled by a System Parameter.