The Workers' Compensation (L&I) Report (Administration>Timecards>Workers' Compensation Summary) details hours worked by employee and Workers' Compensation Category.  An optional display of employee Pay Rate information is available as long as the user running the report has permissions to View Pay Rates.  A Workers' Compensation break down is documentation that may be requested by your state labor and industries department.  You could use the Workers' Compensation Report for this purpose.


  • Show Summary Report - Displays employee hours in summary by Pay Type.
  • Include Employee Pay Information - Displays pay along with hours and pay types.
  • Sort By - Employee,Category, Pay Date
  • Sort By - Category, Employee, Pay Date

Security Permissions Required

Administration - Timecards
*Can View Timecards Tree Branch
Administration - Timecards
Can View Timecard Reports

Related Reports

  • Timecard Report (Administration>Timecards>Timecards Report) - Report on the hours worked by employee. Report also includes optional pay rate information.
  • Employee Job Summary (Administration>Timecards>Employee Job Summary) - Report on hours allocated to specific Jobs.  Report also includes optional pay rate information.