Use the Print Service Documents screen (Administration>Service and Delivery>Print Service Documents) to mass print Orders, Packing Slips (per tech or per order), Delivery Slips, Route Sheets, Service Interviews and Equipment History for all selected employees and tasks.

  1. Open the Print Service Documents screen.
    • Go to Administration>Service and Delivery>Print Service Documents.
    • Or go to Administration>Service and Delivery>Search Schedule List> Click Print Docs.
  2. Check off all the documents you would like to print.
    • Enter the number of copies of each document you would like to print.
  3. Check "Print Packing & Delivery Slips First" if you want Evosus to print all Packing & Delivery Slips before other documents.
  4. Select a Tech from the pull down.
  5. Select a Date Range to print documents for.
  6. Select Printer or Print to file in PDF format.
    • Printer - All documents will go straight to the selected printer.
    • Print to file in PDF format - This option is useful if you need to email documents to technicians that work out of their house. ¬†Click the search button and highlight the location to save the PDF documents. Remember this location because Evosus will not automatically open the folder once the documents are created.
  7. Click Print.