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Schedule a service order

Service & Delivery Management


Use the Search Schedule Screen to view all scheduled service tasks, black out dates, and vacation times. You can also schedule tasks from this screen, add a Blackout Date, Print Service Docs, view canceled or completed tasks and search for available service time slots.

You can also click Unscheduled to view a list of all unscheduled Service and Sales Orders. You can then add a task to the order.


Select a filter and click Refresh to filter the service tasks that appear in the screen.

 - Manager: Defaults to the person logged in if they are a Manager.

 - Tech: Defaults to **All Techs**

 - Type: Categories separate tasks into the different types of service calls - for example, Service/Repair, Diagnostic, Delivery, Construction, Inspection, Maintenance, Estimate, and Installation.

 - Route: Defaults to **All Routes**

 - Vehicle: Defaults to **All Vehicles**

 - Task Status: Scheduled, Completed and Canceled (These options are located in the lower right of the screen. Click the status you would like to view).

 - Vehicle: Defaults to **All Vehicles**

Quick Search

The Quick Search buttons allows you to search specific time periods such as Today, Tomorrow, Wednesday, This Week, Next Week, 2 Weeks Out and 3 Weeks Out. Just click one of these buttons and the scheduled tasks for that time frame will appear.

 - The days of the week located below the Quick Search can also be used to filter down to a specific day in the time period you selected.

 - Days shown in red indicate that scheduling is unavailable for that day. This might be due to qualified tech unavailability, the service department being closed, or a blackout day (a holiday or a meeting day). Days in blue indicate that scheduling is possible on that day.

What do you want to do?

 - Add Task: Click Add Task to add a manual task to the schedule. This task will NOT be assigned to a specific customer and is generally used for scheduled warehouse shipments or Inter Company transfers

 - Update a scheduled task: Highlight a task and click Update. You can then change any of the information on the task as well as mark the task as “Confirmed”. You may also right click the task on the schedule list to mark it as "Confirmed".

 - Open the order: Highlight a task and click Go to Order. You will be directed to the order that is associated with the highlighted task. You can then update any of the information on that order.

Step by Step:

Add a blackout date

Use the blackout date feature to schedule times that techs will not be available, e.g. Christmas, and other holidays.

Step 1: Click the Blackout Date button on the Search Schedule screen (Administration > Service and Delivery > Search Schedule - Day List). The Schedule Blackout screen appears.

Step 2: Blackout Reason - Input the blackout date reason, e.g. Christmas Eve.

Step 3: When, Time, Thru, and To - Select the blackout time frame.

Step 4: Service Techs affected by Blackout - Select the specific service techs that are affected by the blackout, or click Select All to select all of the techs.

Step 5: Click OK to save the blackout date.

Print Docs

The Print Docs button allows you to mass print Orders/Invoices, Packing Slips (per tech or per order), Delivery Slips, Route Sheets, Service Interviews and Equipment History for all selected employees and tasks.

Step 1: Highlight the tasks you would like to print documents for.

    a. To highlight more than one task, click and hold CTRL on the keyboard and click on all the tasks you would like to print.

    b. To print docs for a sequential group of tasks, click and hold Shift on the keyboard, highlight the first task in the group and highlight the last task in the group.  All tasks between the first and last task will also be highlighted.

Step 2: Click Print Docs.

Step 3: Check off all the documents you would like to print.

    a. Enter the number of copies of each document you would like to print.

Step 4: Make sure the correct Print and Paper Bins are selected. NOTE: The documents WILL NOT come up in a print preview. They will be sent directly to the printer.

Step 5: Click Print>.


The search button allows you to search for available time slots based on certain filters such as Task, Quadrant and Problem. This screen is for informational purposes; it WILL NOT schedule a task.  

 - Push Pin: Click the push pin icon to route the selected tasks for a day. If you have multiple techs selected when using this feature, then Evosus will plot each task on the schedule with a different numbered icon for each tech. This allows you to analyze the schedule and see where each tech is going that day.

Do you want to improve the performance of the screen?

Does the form load slowly? 

Enter No in the Show colors on the Service Schedule List View option on the System Parameters screen to remove the color coding from the Search Schedule - (Day List, Week List, Month) screens. This can also improve the performance of the Search Schedule - (Day List, Week List, Month) screens.

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