Starting at 10PM CST on 2/22/2018, you won't be able to process credit card transactions unless several certificate files are installed on your machine. 

We built an installer to get you ready for the 2/22 deadline!

Follow the steps below to install the required certificate files, and a PayGateway.dll file that will also be required soon.

  1. Download the zip file.
  2. Extract CertPayInstall.exe from the file.
  3. Make sure that Evosus Enterprise is not running on any machine on your network. That means every Evosus Enterprise user must not only log out of the application, but also close the application. 
  4. Right click on CertPayInstall.exe and select Run As Administrator. You must run this installer as an administrator. 
  5. The installer runs immediately.
  6. Click Details to see a list of the files that were installed. 
  7. Click Close when complete. 
  8. Restart the machine. You MUST restart the machine to make the .dll file available.
  9. Repeat these steps on every machine that you use to process credit card transactions.
    • This includes point of sale stations, and every backoffice machine that you use to process mass pay, or card not present transactions. 
    • For example, if you have a point of sale station where Evosus Enterprise is installed on a workstation, you have to run the installer on that workstation. If you have a single terminal/RDS server where Evosus is installed, you have to run the installer on the terminal/RDS server. If Evosus Enterprise is installed locally on a machine, and that machine is used to process mass pay, then you have to run the installer on that machine.
  10. You're ready for the change in requirements.


What happens if you get this error message when running the installer?

This error means that the PayGateway.dll file cannot be replaced because it's currently in use. Installing the new PayGateway.dll isn't critical, but it will be required at some point in the future. Click Ignore, restart the machine, and then attempt to run the installer again. If you're still getting the error, it isn't critical because the new certificates are the only thing that is required to continue processing credit card transactions after 10PM CST on 2/22, so you're all set.