Step by Step:

Complete the following steps to view the batches

STEP 1. Login

STEP 2. Select date range and create report to view batch details 

STEP 3. A list will appear with the batches 

STEP 4. Click details to open a specific batch and view the details

STEP 5. There is also an option for more customization by clicking on the See More link.

STEP 6. Below is a screen shot that shows the options that appear once you click See More.

STEP 7. The last step is to pool the report. As indicated, if the report is more than 7 days it will be needed to be pulled into Excel by exporting the report. Below is an example of what a report would look like on the screen for 7 days or less with the bare minimum options selected.

8. Once ran, the report can still be exported out to excel or additional filters can be added.