Getting Started

Introduction to Evosus Enterprise
Are you brand new to Evosus Enterprise? Here is a basic introduction to the application. Related Video Content: Here are some more topics that will help get you started... Accounting  - Accounting Periods  - Customer Types  - Credit Memos & Statement Charges  - Default Bill To Address  - Enter a bill/invoice  - Multiple ...
Action Items & Order Queues
Related Video Content: Details: My Action Items -  Use the My Action Items button on the Employee tab of the Main Menu to mange your work load and make sure that you follow-up on campaign streams. This displays a filtered list of your action items.  - If you have the proper permissions, you can also view, add, and reassign Action ...
Address Lookup
Details: Address look-up is available in the US, Canada, Australia and Cayman Islands on the following screens:  - Customer Add  - Customer Location Update  - Purchase Order Address Update  - Company Update Empty Address Lookup If you're entering an address on a new record in Evosus, use the Address Lookup feature to ensure the addr...
Blue Links in Reports
Related Video Content:                
Alt Tab Keyboard Shortcut
 Related Video Content: You can use ALT + TAB to move between the open windows in the application!  Watch this quick video for a demonstration.
Arrow Keys & Spacebar for Checklists
Related Video Content:
Change Processing Date
Related Video Content: Step by Step: #1 Close all screens in Evosus except the main menu. #2 Double click on the Process Date in the bottom right hand corner. The Change Processing Date screen appears. #3 Select a new processing date. #4 Click Apply.
Change Your Evosus Password
Related Video Content: Step by Step:  #1 Select File > Change My Password. #2 Enter your new password in the New Password and Verify New Password fields. All passwords must be at least 7 characters and must include letters and numbers. #3 Click OK.
Details: The dashboard gives you a high-level snapshot of your organization. It's all of the key information that you need, in one place.   - This feature was added to the application in version 6.6. How do you get to the dashboard? If you have permission to view the dashboard, it will automatically appear when you log in. Y...
Exceeded Number of Licenses
Details: Why is it important to correctly log off a Terminal Services session? Connecting to a server via Terminal Services requires a license. The server holds the licenses purchased by the company. If a user exits a Terminal Services session incorrectly, the server thinks that person is still logged in and doesn’t release the license to be ...
Export Grid to Excel
Related Video Content:  You can export the information in some of the screens in the application directly into an MS Excel spreadsheet. For example, you can export the customers that appear on the Customers tab to an MS Excel spreadsheet. Once the list has been exported to MS Excel, you can format it in any way that is needed.
MS Outlook Add-In
Details: Microsoft released several updates in 2017 that broke our MS Outlook integration. Our standard MS Outlook integration uses the Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI), but our new Outlook Add-In included in version 6.6.215 is a more modern integration that is much less likely to be broken by future Microsoft updates. If ...
Go To Menu
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My Actions
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My Data Entry Audit Log
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Notepad Icon
Related Video Content:                                                                                                                                                                                     
Quick Text
Related Video Content: Details:  Do you find yourself typing the same information over and over again in Service Tech Notes, Special Instructions on Orders, Job Bills, and Job Work Orders?  Quick Text can save you time. It lets you save commonly used text, such as “Thank you for your business”, and then quickly add the text to any fi...
View Inactive Customers
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View Posting Details
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Window Drop Down and CTRL/Tab
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How to Handle Leading Zeros in MS Excel
Details:  - Microsoft® Excel removes leading zeros from a field unless the text is surrounded by quotations -  For example, "00001" becomes "1".   - Leading zeros are often seen on item codes, vendor codes, and UPC codes.   - Follow the steps below to create a formula that adds leading zeros to a column in MS Excel. Th...
What Region Am I In? Who is my Client Success Manager?
Contact Information: Evosus Phone Number 360.735.9510 Leah Williamson - (VP of Client Success) Ext. 162 Beth McGarry - (Accounting Consultant) Ext. 207 Miranda Williamson - (Strategic Account Manager) Ext. 221 Carol Wendel - (Senior Manager) Ext. 219 Brandon Hoek - (Client Success Manager - East Coast) Ext. 225 Ashley Robinso...
Koamtac 350 Scanner Set up
Attached, Please find Koamtac 350 Scanner Setup PDF.
Bixolon SRP-E770iii Installation
Step by Step: Physical Setup Step 1: Plug your Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port on the back of the printer- Step 2: Plug the power connector into the back of the printer- Step 3: Load the roll of labels into the printer so that the labels are on the top as they come out of the printer Step 4: Turn the power on and give the prin...
Accounting Migration Overview
This article was written and intended for clients in Implementation. One of our main goals is to help facilitate a smooth conversion from your existing accounting software to Evosus accounting. For the best outcome, you will need experienced accounting staff to follow the steps outlined in this document. The time you invest up front on this...