Evosus Payroll Services - ADP Integration
Step by Step: Evosus Enterprise now integrates with ADP. Follow the steps below to import an ADP payroll into Evosus Enterprise. Step 1: Generate your payroll import file on #1 Log into #2 Select General Ledger > Create GL Files from the menu at the top of the screen. #3 The Create General Ledger F...
Direct Deposit Authorization
The Direct Deposit Authorization is attached to this topic.
Affordable Care Act - Guide for DIY Payroll Clients
Jennifer Goldfinch, Payroll Manager at Evosus, has put together this ACA guide to help our Do-It-Yourself Payroll clients navigate the requirements for ACA reporting this year.
Pay-As-You-Go! Workers' Compensation
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Import an Additional Payroll With the Same Check Date As a Regular Payroll That Has Already Been Imported
Step by Step: What if you have already imported a regular payroll, and you need to import an additional payroll with the same check date? When you import the additional payroll, the import includes both the additional and the regular payroll. That means the regular payroll GL and payables generated by the original import must be deleted/voided...
Order W2 and 1099 Forms
Can't remember where to buy forms compatible with Evosus' integrated payroll software? Here's an illustrated ordering guide! 
Tax Payment API for Monthly Depositors
Issue: Scenario is monthly depositor for Federal Tax Withholding: In the Payroll Summary Report, each payroll includes a portion of the monthly withholding with the same debit and due date. However the actual bank debit that occurs will be the total of all tax with-holdings for the month. Not sure if the APIs use the same information that the...
Employee PayCard Order Form
Evosus PayCards are now available! Pay cards are a great addition to any business for tracking all transactions, staying compliant with payroll laws, and reducing operational costs in accounting. Use the attached form to submit your order for FREE employee paycards to  Please note: You do not have to be using Evosus Payro...
Provide W-2 Forms Electronically
Details: If you plan to have employees obtain their Wage and Tax Statement, Form W-2 through Payroll Relief’s employee portal you must follow these procedures outlined by the IRS. Electronic payee statements If your employees give their consent, you may be able to furnish Copies B, C, and 2 of Forms W-2 to your employees electronically. ...
Evosus Payroll Services - Setup
Step by Step: When you purchase Evosus Payroll Services, we set up your company and employee information in Payroll Relief, and we configure the integration information in Evosus Business Management Software using the Payroll Link Setup screen. Please contact before changing any of the settings on this screen. Step 1: Set ...
Evosus Payroll Services - Integration Overview
Related Video Content: Details: We partnered with AccountantsWorld Payroll Relief to bring you complete payroll functionality. The diagram below outlines how to use Evosus Payroll Services to turn timesheets into paychecks that you can reconcile with your bank statement and journal entries that are ready to post.  - When you purchase Evosu...
Evosus Payroll Services - Fix Import Issues
Details: When paycheck data is not imported, the reason displays in the Error Messages column on the Summary tab of the Payroll Dashboard. Click on the batch and open the Raw Data tab for even more detailed information about the error. Use this information to correct the error, and then manually import the paycheck data using the Import Payrol...
Evosus Payroll Implementation Guide
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